Secrets of spectacular chess

por Jonathan Levitt; David Friedgood

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  • Editorial: Everyman Chess
  • ISBN: 9781857445510
  • Páginas: 288
  • Dimensiones: 15 mm. x 23 mm.
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Fecha de la edición: 2008

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Resumen del libro

In the modern classic Secrets of Spectacular Chess, Jonathan Levitt and David Friedgood shared their joy and appreciation of chess beauty, engulfing readers with a wealth of amazing and magnificent examples from the aesthetic side of the game.

Moreover, they demonstrated how this fascinating subject could be analysed, and how it could help players to improve both their understanding and practical play.

Now the authors have produced a much awaited and largely expanded second edition, in which they present further thoughts, provide many new mesmerizing examples of games, studies and problems, and revisit previous material to explain how the theory has developed over recent years.

This book captures the imagination; read it and become hypnotized by the power and beauty of chess!

*A new expanded edition, with 50% new material
* Written for the practical player
* Full of superb examples from all fields of chess
* Helps you to improve your combinational vision
* Will develop your understanding of spectacular chess ideas
*An enthralling guide to the artistry of chess
*Ideal for players of all levels

Jonathan Levitt is an experienced Grandmaster who has numerous tournament successes to his name, including winning the 2005 Staunton Memorial. A renowned chess teacher, he has been involved in coaching some of the UK's top young players. He organized the inaugural 1996 and 1997 Schools Chess Problem Solving Championship and has composed several prize-winning problems.

David Friedgood is a former South African Champion who is now settled in the UK. He's a FIDE Master, an International Master of Chess Solving, and has won the British Chess Solving title no less than five times. He has been running the Problem World column in British Chess Magazine since 1995.

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