Defend like Petrosian

por Alexey Bezgodov

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  • Editorial: New in Chess
  • ISBN: 9789056919238
  • Páginas: 320
  • Dimensiones: 170 mm. x 235 mm.
  • Idiomas:
  • Fecha de la edición: 1753

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Resumen del libro

Libro en inglés Only the very best dared to play for a win against Tigran Petrosian. The 9th World Champion was extremely difficult to beat because his defensive techniques were virtually unmatched. In the rare case that someone managed to bring him into difficulties they ran a serious risk of having to face a vicious counterattack. Former Russian Champion Alexey Bezgodov explains to a wide range of players how they can employ the skills of ‘the Tiger’. How to deal with pressure, how to anticipate threats or march your king out of danger even if it feels you are entering a minefield. That you should not hesitate to give up an exchange or spoil your own pawn structure if the position calls for it. How to find unlikely decoys and start a counterattack. Contrary to what many chess fans think, the Armenian genius was a highly dynamic defender! This book aims to help amateur players improve the standard of their defensive play. In many training programs, a serious analysis of the art of defence is lacking. That explains why most club players are much better at attacking than at coping with adversity and difficult positions. Defend Like Petrosian points the way to creative solutions and will help you save lots of points. Alexey Bezgodov is a former Russian Champion. He is the author of The Extreme Caro-Kann, The Liberated Bishop Defence, The Double Queen’s Gambit, and The Art of the Tarrasch Defence, four highly original and acclaimed opening books. PRAISE FOR ALEXEY BEZGODOV “A goldmine of resources. I wholeheartedly recommend this book if you, like me, have struggled to find an opening which is solid, has rarely played lines and has a brilliantly written book to guide you.” -- Michael Mkpadi, ChessHot, on The Art of the Tarrasch Defence "Aggressive players looking for something fresh and fighting against the Caro-Kann may find this book just what they wanted, while Caro-Kann aficionados may want this book for the purpose of self-defense." -- Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind, on The Extreme Caro-Kann

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